Case Study: B Lab Australia and New Zealand

Creating procurement pathways for impactful businesses


B Lab is the certifying body in Australia and New Zealand for B Corps, or ‘Benefit Corporations’— companies that meet rigorous standards of social and environmental performance, accountability, and transparency.

B Lab goes beyond that too–they’re a driving force to improve the entire economic system by addressing barriers that prevent businesses from addressing the world’s stickiest challenges.

B Lab wanted to understand how they could advocate and enable corporates and governments to procure their goods and services from B Corps. Purpose Made worked in partnership with Point Advisory.

The Challenge

Social procurement is when organisations buy goods or services that generate positive value for society.

While it is a growing trend, many structural barriers still exist to prevent businesses and governments from prioritising businesses whose products and services have a positive impact on communities and the planet.

Key questions:

  • How could B Lab support B Corps to win more work from corporate and governments?
  • How can it help B Corps demonstrate the value proposition of their social and environmental impact?
  • How could it catalyse change in the system to encourage more social procurement?

The Process

Alongside Point Advisory, Purpose Made conducted interviews with existing B Corps to understand their challenges in demonstrating their impact to businesses and corporates as well as from buyers to identify their needs and desires.

We also conducted workshops with the B Lab team to leverage their existing knowledge and test the hypotheses and solutions.

In parallel, the team conducted research to ensure the solutions design was custom-fit to the organisation and aligned with the broader system.

The Outcome

To overcome the challenge of getting more buyers to procure from B Corps, the team first needed to identify the barriers.

Through qualitative and quantitative research, we were able to identify key themes for both buyers and B Corps. Through systems-level mapping, quick-win solutions and broader breakthroughs were identified and added to a roadmap and implementation plan.

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